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Chiddy Carter is a Christian and inspirational singer/songwriter whose vision is to lead the world in worship as never before experienced. By the transportation of the Holy Spirit in the presence of God, her music will stir your soul and spirit to worship God like you never have experienced. With the mixture of acoustic sounds and strong vocals, she aims to lead the listener into a deeper realm of worship strengthening their commitment and fellowship with God and securing a more intimate communion with the Holy Spirit.

Chiddy, as she is fondly known by all is also the founder and a music instructor at Guitarlina School of Music where she trains and teaches upcoming worship leaders and musicians of the future. Her mission is to raise the world’s future leaders through the education and understanding of the power and influence of good positive and uplifting music in the lives of others (Guitarlina School of Music est. 2010).

Praise of The King is her first ever published Christian worship song that aims to enrapture the minds and spirits of the listener to revere and honor God through and with everything. It encourages the listener to see the beauty of God and worship him along with other creatures on the face of this glorious earth. “All of creation will shout His praise” – Chiddy Carter